Jana Marie Ho See


y are u like this

4th Year | Business Economics

Tripping over my own two feet

I've probably fallen down every set of stairs here at UCI. HMU if u need a friend who doesn't have a large cerebellum.

I bet I can eat faster than you

Social Type
Ambivert - ENFJ

Favorite Music/Artist/Genre
RnB, Hip Hop, Rap, EDM, Acoustic stuff, catch me in the simp feels

You need a road trip buddy? I got u, buddy. I'm old now so I have to actually sleep, but catch me if u need a simp ride or die, I got u, my friends



Favorite Afterevent
Family Reveal! To be able to come together with a new community and find a family who's open to being inclusive to each other because that's what it's about, right? Meeting new people, finding commonalities, and sharing the good times and bad times whether they're your big (shoutout to Nina Van), your sibs (shoutout to Dwarf Fam!!), or our littles/family (shoutout to Adventure Fam!!). Here's to finding a community you can call home. And if you can't find it here, know that you'll have a place here or someone to turn to in CA, whether or not it's your family, I can guarantee you I'll be here for y'all because all of CA is my family.

Favorite Family Memory
countless // but haha this one time we stole a traffic cone, so every time thereafter my family and friends dedicate stolen road safety items and signs to me. they're gr10.

Time You Laughed Hardest in CA